SAP’s 3 Game-Changing AI-Based Futuristic Applications

Over 400,000 companies from 180 countries are using SAP as their ERP. SAP is one of the dominant players in digital transformation that leads the ERP industry, and it is here to stay even as the world transitions to the new era of artificial intelligence. 

Every tool strives to adopt AI and every company wants it in its system. After all, it is supposed to give machines the ability to make decisions like humans. Human labor is expensive and slow, with many limitations. The rise of information technology is further automating many manual processes, which makes it even more attractive to businesses. 

SAP has also transformed into AI and now offers futuristic applications that will allow its users to automate repetitive tasks, deliver humans experience, and make confident decisions. 

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

There are many test automation tools that automate repetitive tasks, but even Google Sheets can do that. Robotic Process implementation takes the same concept on an entirely new level by comprehending user actions. It replicates actions such as opening files, launching apps, and modification of data. 

RPA creates bots to replicate user actions and monitors them. These bots can be particularly helpful in automating production and system migration. There are two modes of RPA that the user can select according to his preference.

  • Attended Mode: It is deployed on the workstation of the user to mimic his behavior. 
  • Unattended Mode: It performs scheduled jobs on a virtual machine.

SAP Conversational AI

Chatbots have become a need of every CRM today. They offer a lot more than just customer service. SAP’s conversational AI is built on world-class natural language processing that communicates just like humans. This would ensure the clients don’t have to wait for an executive and are guided with the information they need. 

Combined with SAP’s digital assistant designed for the enterprise, this conversational AI is efficient enough to integrate one interface for all SAP solutions to improve employee engagement. While managing and interacting with so many bots might sound complex, its unique unified user interface makes it as easy as it can get. 

SAP Data Intelligence

It didn’t take long for the world to realize that data is the gold of the twenty-first century, so everyone started harboring it to improve their business operations. While data collection is easy, the real challenge is storing and analyzing it. It’s impossible for humans to manually study quintillion bytes of data generated every day. 

SAP’s data intelligence is the next evolution of SAP data hub that truly operationalizes data science and machine learning to convert chaos of data into business insights at enterprise scale. This powerful system can easily process, automate, and re-use even the most complex data types.

  • SAP Data Intelligence discovers and connects to data, integrates it, and streamlines information through hybrid management and processing. 
  • It is available in SAP Cloud Platform and as a BYOL (bring your own license), allowing you to deploy it on any hyper-scale public or private cloud.