Transforming Enterprises with RISE, SAP and DataVapte: A New Era of Business Agility

Today, enterprises are looking for solutions that directly improve their operational efficiency, agility, and capacity for innovation. RISE with SAP is emerging as an invaluable solution for companies attempting to transition away from legacy systems into an innovative cloud-based ERP environment. This means not simply adopting new technologies but reinventing business processes and strategies for success in today’s digital environment.

At Innovapte, we’re not just consultants; we’re your strategic SAP partners committed to driving your business forward. With over 20 years of leadership in SAP services, our certified SAP Silver Partner status is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. From nuanced consulting to the intricate implementation of complex solutions, our team’s profound expertise is the guiding force behind successful digital transformations. Choosing Innovapte means opting for a partner that understands the depth of SAP’s capabilities and how to tailor them to discover your business’s full potential. Let’s navigate the path to innovation together — our SAP experts are ready to elevate your operations to new heights.

Understanding RISE with SAP

The RISE with SAP offering is designed as a managed cloud service that assists organizations utilizing on-premise ERP software, such as SAP ERP or SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA, in their secure and seamless migration to the cloud. This strategic move enables our clients to harness the power of sophisticated cloud-based business management software. Embedded with intelligence, offering real-time insights, and equipped with advanced technologies, it not only enhances compliance but also fortifies business resilience. Through RISE with SAP, organizations are provided with a tailored cloud migration journey that aligns perfectly with their unique objectives and challenges, paving the way for a successful digital transformation.

RISE with SAP revolutionizes enterprise resource planning with a modern, modular engine that significantly enhances user experience and streamlines business processes. This comprehensive solution includes advanced functionalities like central procurement, transportation management, extended warehouse management, customer management, production planning and scheduling. It introduces organizations to the latest cloud ERP advancements, supporting innovative business models, integrating the value creation cycle, and providing deep insights into environmental impacts. With SAP Signavio, companies can continuously refine processes, while SAP Build offers low-code automation capabilities, ensuring future updates are seamlessly integrated.

The decision-making process is radically improved, offering real-time insights from both transactional and analytical data within a unified system. Features such as in-app simulations, recommendations, and machine learning enable organizations to predict outcomes and optimize decisions more efficiently. Furthermore, RISE with SAP facilitates a quicker translation of insights into action, enhances productivity through role-based system views, and leverages AI and machine learning for intelligent automation and predictive decision-making. Integrated collaboration tools and real-time sensor data analysis empower proactive decision-making, setting a new standard for business agility and intelligence.

Key Advantages of RISE with SAP

Strategic Agility: RISE with SAP equips businesses with the means to adapt quickly in response to market shifts, offering unparalleled agility that traditional systems cannot match.

Operational Excellence: Organizations can achieve operational excellence through process automation, real-time insights, and embedded intelligence, increasing operational efficiencies while decreasing manual effort and errors.

Innovative Advantage: Accessing SAP’s cutting-edge technologies and platforms through RISE with SAP allows businesses to tap advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning for a competitive edge in innovation.

Enhance Resilience: Moving to a cloud ERP allows companies to improve their data security measures and business continuity plans, making them more resilient against disruptions.

RISE with SAP: Transforming Industries

Johnson & Johnson’s Supply Chain Overhaul
In Q2 of 2023, Johnson & Johnson embarked on a significant transformation of its global supply chain, impacting over 100,000 users. By adopting RISE with SAP, the healthcare giant unified its data across SAP Ariba, IBP, and S/4HANA, enhancing real-time planning and execution. This initiative not only bolstered resilience against disruptions but also empowered users with actionable insights through advanced analytics.

BASF Boosts Production and Innovation
BASF, the world’s largest chemical producer, leveraged RISE with SAP to deploy S/4HANA across 10 European plants in Q3 of 2023. This move provided real-time operational data and digital twins for planning, integrated with SAP Asset Intelligence Network for predictive maintenance. BASF’s digitization is expected to yield over €250 million in IT cost savings and efficiency gains.

Canada Goose’s Merchandising Makeover
Canada Goose undertook a comprehensive revamp of its merchandising strategy with RISE with SAP. By integrating SAP S/4HANA, Ariba, and IBP, the luxury apparel brand achieved real-time visibility across procurement, inventory, and sales. This transformation streamlined operations between its manufacturing, suppliers, warehouses, and retail stores, enhancing omnichannel marketing capabilities.

Hershey’s Digital Transformation in Manufacturing
Hershey’s applied RISE with SAP to optimize its supply chain and production across six U.S. plants. Implementing IoT, advanced analytics, and AI, the confectionery leader installed thousands of sensors for real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance, improving equipment effectiveness by over 10% and aiming to increase output by more than 15%.

Porsche’s Vehicle Assembly Innovation
Porsche embarked on a digital overhaul of its vehicle assembly processes using Rise with SAP, achieving end-to-end visibility and control at its Stuttgart facility. Integrating sensors and digital twins allowed Porsche to simulate and optimize the assembly process, enhancing manufacturing flexibility and reducing the preparation of new vehicle launches by nearly three days.

UK Environment Agency Consolidates Systems
The UK Environment Agency consolidated multiple legacy systems into an S/4HANA core through RISE with SAP, migrating over 8,000 users. This transformation provided real-time data for water management, environmental monitoring, and regulatory functions, significantly improving decision-making and reducing IT costs by over £12 million annually.

PepsiCo’s Rapid Migration to S/4HANA
In an ambitious three-month project, PepsiCo migrated five business units to S/4HANA using RISE with SAP. This swift transition unified financial processes and enhanced visibility into sales, inventory, and profitability across its North and Latin American operations, achieving over $75 million in cost savings in the first year.

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Integrating DataVapte App to Increase Data Migration Capabilities

RISE with SAP makes its journey to cloud ERP even smoother when coupled with DataVapte App, an incredibly useful data migration tool designed specifically to optimize SAP Data Migration with minimal disruption and maximized accuracy during the transition period.

DataVapte stands out by offering:

Efficiency Data Management: Effective data management streamlines the processes of cleaning, mapping, and validating information to ensure an effortless transition into a new system.

Minimized Downtime: By optimizing its migration process, DataVapte greatly decreases downtime caused by system overhauls – guaranteeing business continuity throughout.

Enhance Data Quality: With advanced data management capabilities, DataVapte ensures that the information entering an ERP system is of the highest quality, creating reliable insights and decisions.

Synergistic Effect of RISE with SAP and DataVapte

RISE combined with SAP and DataVapte Application can create an unprecedented combination that can greatly increase the success of digital transformation projects. Collaboration facilitates technical aspects of migration and ensures that transformed business processes are built upon an accurate foundation of clean data.

As businesses look forward to 2024, the integration of these two platforms is evidence of what’s possible regarding operational efficiency, strategic agility and customer satisfaction. Utilizing RISE with SAP for complete cloud ERP transformation and DataVapte Application to facilitate SAP Data Migration, organizations are better prepared to navigate the complexities of digital evolution. Not only does this partnership accelerate transitioning to the cloud faster, but it also ensures businesses have access to an infrastructure suitable for thriving in today’s digital environment.

Innovapte stands ready to ensure every step is a leap towards greater success. Our dedication to your SAP investment is unmatched, offering custom business management solutions and professional services that align seamlessly with your unique business model and objectives. Maximizing the value of SAP’s innovation starts with a conversation — talk to our experts today and unlock the door to a world of possibilities. With Innovapte, you’re not just adapting to the digital age; you’re setting the pace for it. Join us, and let’s create your success story together.

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