Revolutionizing Invoice Processing

Revolutionizing Invoice Processing: A Rotalec Case Study

In the ever-evolving industrial machinery sector, staying ahead of operational challenges is vital for success. Rotalec, a key player in this industry, faced significant hurdles in processing a high volume of supplier invoices. This case study explores how Innovapte’s InnoVIA system revolutionized Rotalec’s invoice processing, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

The Challenge
  • Overwhelmed by volume of invoices received during operations
  • Manually processed, required plenty of labour as well as being time consuming
  • Prone to human-errors

Innovapte’s flexible and responsive approach, vital in achieving operational excellence and strategic advantages in a competitive marketplace.

– Philippe Prevost, IT Director

Case Overview

Rotalec grappled with a cumbersome, manual approach to handling supplier invoices within their SAP system. The process was not only time-consuming but also prone to human errors, leading to inefficiencies and resource drain. With an expanding multinational presence and increasing invoice volume, the need for a streamlined, error-free solution became imperative.
InnoVIA by Innovapte presented a seamless integration with SAP, revolutionizing the way Rotalec managed its vendor invoice verification. The system automated the entire process, from scanning PDF invoices to conducting validations and postings. InnoVIA’s design, emphasizing user-friendliness and transparency, allowed for efficient processing of invoices in various formats. Detailed notifications provided insights into successful transactions and identified areas needing attention in case of validation failures.

Rotalec’s multinational operations, involving a vast array of suppliers, made the manual invoice processing approach impractical. InnoVIA stepped in as a game-changer, significantly enhancing productivity, minimizing errors, and freeing up employee time for strategic tasks. InnoVIA’s design was pivotal in its success at Rotalec. The system’s ability to handle diverse digital invoice formats, conduct comprehensive SAP standard and custom validation checks, and post transactions effectively was crucial. Its detailed email notifications system provided clarity and accountability at each step.

Rotalec considered maintaining their manual process or adopting generic off-the-shelf software. However, these approaches were either too labor-intensive and error-prone or lacked the necessary customization and seamless SAP integration that InnoVIA offered. Rotalec’s journey with InnoVIA began with identifying the pain points in their existing system. Through collaboration with Innovapte, they customized InnoVIA to align perfectly with their SAP environment. A focus on user training and an iterative implementation approach facilitated smooth integration. Continuous feedback and transparent communication were key to the successful transformation of their invoice verification process.

The Result
  • InnoVIA successfully streamlined vendor invoice verification, leading to a more efficient and accurate process.
  • The automation of the invoicing process significantly reduced time spent on manual entries and verifications.
  • The implementation of InnoVIA led to a noticeable decrease in processing errors, enhancing overall accuracy.
  • By automating and optimizing the invoice processing workflow, InnoVIA helped conserve valuable organizational resources.
  • The system offered improved visibility and transparency throughout the invoice verification process.
  • The accelerated payment process resulting from InnoVIA’s efficiency positively impacted vendor relationships.
  • As the client’s business expanded, InnoVIA demonstrated remarkable scalability, adapting to increased operational demands.
  • The system provided critical data insights, facilitating more informed and strategic decision-making.
  • InnoVIA’s accurate and systematic approach significantly minimized the risks associated with regulatory compliance.
  • The unforeseen benefits highlighted InnoVIA’s adaptability and potential for broader technological transformation beyond initial expectations.

InnoVIA not only met Rotalec’s initial objectives but also delivered unexpected benefits. It streamlined vendor invoice verification, improved efficiency, reduced errors, and saved resources. The system enhanced transparency and vendor relations by expediting payments. InnoVIA also demonstrated scalability as Rotalec grew and provided valuable data insights for better decision-making, reducing compliance risks.

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Philippe Prevost, IT Director at Rotalec, praised the partnership, highlighting Innovapte’s understanding, flexibility, and responsiveness, which have been crucial in the success of the projects undertaken. The case of Rotalec exemplifies how targeted technological solutions like Innovapte’s InnoVIA can transform core business processes. By automating and streamlining complex systems, companies can not only achieve operational efficiency but also unlock unforeseen strategic advantages, positioning themselves for success in a competitive marketplace.

We have a very good relationships with our partner. They are very understanding of our needs and limitations and respond with great flexibility in all aspects of the projects undertaken.

-Philippe Prevost IT Director

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