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An SAP Fiori Application to Manage your Policies & Procedures

Policy Apt is a UI5-based policy & procedure management solution which helps businesses streamline creation, approval, and communication methods relating to internal and external policies. It also provides audit trails, policy centralization, and version control with simple point-click functionality.

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The app has been created for the company to enable it to follow all the legal and internal procedures 

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Get the right policies signed by the right person and keeps records of the process

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  • Minimise the effort and cost of policy management 3. Mitigate risk of financial sanction and reputational
  • Stay up to date 
  • Mitigate risk of financial sanction and reputational damage
  • Increase staff knowledge of threats, risks and controls
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  • Increase the effectiveness of your compliance program
  • Minimize the risk of breaches
  • Put yourself in the best, most defensible position should a breach occur
  • Bring organization to the dull world of policies and procedures
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