SAP UI5/Fiori based policy & procedure management application


About PolicyApt

PolicyApt is a SAP UI5/Fiori based policy & procedure management application which helps businesses streamline creation, approval, and communication methods relating to internal and external policies. It also provides audit trails, policy centralization, and version control with simple point and click functionality.

Policy Management Cost Reduction

PolicyApt minimizes the effort and cost of policy management while streamlining the full policies and procedures lifecycle

Risk Mitigation

PolicyApt’s modern approach helps businesses mitigate the risks of financial sanctions and reputational damage

Modern Dashboard for Compliance

PolicyApt’s modern flexible dashboards give users the unique ability to see policy acceptance across organizational units efficiently

Advanced Workflow Configuration

PolicyApt keeps your business 100% informed and compliant with native SAP and DocuSign integration

Easy to Use

Easy-to-use system with a built-in approval process for new policies

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Key Benefits

An SAP UI5/Fiori based policy application
Provides policy centralization, audit trails and version control functionality
Adds flexibility to avoid a one size fits all approach to policies
Streamlines creation and approval of internal and external policies
Increases effectiveness of your compliance program
Simplifies operation with a point and click usability

Effective Compliance Program

Minimize the Risk of Breaches

Better Breach Protection

Better Policy Distribution Management