The manufacturing industry goes through constant change. To grow with these changes, manufacturing industries need ERP solutions that equip them with specific features and provide intelligent instruments to track, manage, automate, analyze, execute, collaborate and connect every step of the versatile process of manufacturing.

At INNOVAPTE, we help boost your business by providing SAP management solutions and support services of futuristic technologies to build an efficient, operationally transparent business model with future forecasting and planning.


Our SAP software allows you to keep a track of your existing stock and also tracks the sending and receiving of stock to other warehouses or factories. The inventory is immediately updated as soon as there is a change in stock. INNOVAPTE uses this data to recommend your material needs like what, how much, and when you need to purchase or restock. You can then generate the production and purchase orders with the provided data tracking.


With SAP Professional services, you get an assembled and purposeful sales order process as all the orders and stocks are linked directly to real-time inventory data. This makes it extremely convenient to track the availability of stock levels, leading to better customer satisfaction and service. The software provides you with quantity details, while regulating and adjusting the goods that are already committed to other customers, incoming purchases, and production orders and plans.


In SAP, you can follow up on deliveries of goods to see what was delivered, when and to whom, which makes the follow up process very systematic. By digitizing the process, everyone in an organization can communicate about finances, stock planning, production in real-time which ensures to stay current and have an overview of the process. The cloud platform systematizes information in a way that keeps the data structured.

Materials Management

SAP software manages stock data from multiple warehouses and maintains cost-effective production by analysing data. It also improves delivery time & reduces time delays and extra expenditure.

Switching to SAP HANA services benefits and makes the manufacturing industry extremely efficient. Intelligent technology creates a platform that provides a growth prospects to the company.