IoT Integration with ERP Systems

Equip your business with an easy-to-use visual dashboard to monitor the life cycle of the supply chain with enhanced optimization and data collection


About InnovTrack

InnovTrack uses Intelligent algorithms that can capture any data from IoT devices, such as: Temperature​, Humidity, G-force, Location and Speed

Real Time IoT Tracking

InnovTracks provides IoT tracking for real-time analytics to track logistical transport and freight

Advanced IoT Sensors

InnovTrack advanced IoT Sensor allows tracking, monitoring, and capturing a variety of parameters such as location, speed, g-force, temperature, humidity light and more ..

Native SAP Integration

Innovtrack’s Centralized Tracking Server allows Native SAP integration as well as integration in to other ERP systems

Smart Dashboards

InnovTrack’s smart dashboards provide a simple, powerful real-time overview of your shipments

Customizable Reporting

InnovTrack’s customizable reporting suites ensure teams have consistent access to critical date and updates

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Key Benefits

Extensive IoT Data Reporting & Logging
Automated Early-Warning Systems
Automatic Location Alerting
Seamless ERP Connectivity of all Data Fields
Modern Smart Dashboards
Definable tracking frequency updates
GEO-Fencing (Automatic Start & Stop Tracking Activation)

Automated Early-Warning Systems

Better Quality Control

Improved Risk Mitigation

A More Agile Business