Seamless SAP Vendor Invoice Solution

Don’t let vendor invoice processing slow you down. InnoVia is the smart solution that streamlines your workflow. Cut manual processing by up to 90%


About InnoVia

InnoVIA is designed to fix one of the most time-consuming and error-prone processes in the business: vendor invoice processing. Our solution is compatible with PDF, Excel, or Word documents, which are automatically processed and routed for approval, cutting down on the time and effort required for manual processing by up to 90%.


Streamline Invoice Processing

Say goodbye to manual data entry and processing with InnoVia, the solution that automatically scans and uploads vendor invoices for approval.

Enhance and Automate Error Detection

Eliminate errors and discrepancies before they become a problem with InnoVia’s automatic detection and flagging system.

Integrate with SAP Seamlessly

With seamless SAP integration, InnoVia integrates smoothly with existing workflows, reducing the need for extensive onboarding or system overhauls.

Accelerate Approval Process

Accelerate your invoice approval process and boost productivity with InnoVia, the solution that streamlines the approval process for faster results.

Cut Costs and Increase Efficiency

Save valuable time and effort while reducing costs and manual efforts (by up to 90%) with InnoVia’s efficient and automated vendor invoice processing solution.

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Revolutionizing Invoice Processing

Case Study

Revolutionizing Invoice Processing: A Rotalec Case Study

The Challenge
Overwhelmed by volume of invoices received during operations
Manually processed, required plenty of labour as well as being time consuming
Prone to human-errors
Invoice Processing at Rotalec

Revolutionizing Invoice Processing

Revolutionizing Invoice Processing: A Rotalec Case StudyIn the ever-evolving industrial machinery sector, staying ahead of operational challenges is vital for…

Key Benefits

Automate invoice processing and routing for approval, reducing manual effort by up to 90%.
Detect errors and discrepancies automatically, preventing problems down the line.
Enhance security and compliance with automatic scanning and remote verification of invoices.
Integrate seamlessly with SAP, fitting into your existing workflows and saving time
Save valuable time and effort while reducing costs with efficient and automated invoice processing.

Automatic Document Processing

SAP Professional Services

Cutting-Edge Technology

Enhance Security and Compliance

PDF, XML, Word Automatic Processing