The dawn of true digital disruption has ushered in a new era for Human Resources (HR), redefining the way organizations manage their workforce. With the inception of pioneering platforms like Workday, the acquisition of SuccessFactors by SAP, and Oracle’s takeover of Taleo, HR is at the forefront of the digital and cloud revolution within the workplace. This post explores the transformative journey of HR in SAP, focusing on the integration of mobile technologies, design thinking, and the shift towards a digital-first mindset. One of the fundamental stages in transformation is the migration of procedures and policy management in SAP. 

The Rise of Digital HR 

 In envisioning the future of digital HR, one can picture integrated applications automating time and attendance, managing appointments, delivering on-demand learning, facilitating team communication, monitoring stress levels, and offering intelligent insights into employee benefits. The amalgamation of Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC) technologies aims to redefine the employee experience, making work more seamless, real-time, productive, and rewarding while enhancing work-life balance. 

Design thinking plays a pivotal role in this transformation, consolidating disparate HR functions into cohesive, user-friendly apps that significantly improve employee experiences. Leading companies, such as DuPont and Telstra, have successfully embraced this approach, streamlined their HR processes and witnessed improvements in productivity, engagement, and retention. 

The Current Landscape 

Despite these successes, a significant portion of HR departments still lag in adopting these transformative practices. The utilization of mobile technology remains limited, with only a small percentage of companies deploying it for coaching, performance management, time scheduling, recruiting, and leave requests. The potential power of digital transformation is just beginning to emerge, as indicated by the fact that only 38% of companies are actively considering it, with a mere 9% being fully prepared. 

Digital HR: More Than Just Apps 

Digital HR is not merely about developing applications; it encompasses building a comprehensive mobile platform with a diverse range of apps leveraging cloud and analytics technologies. This platform can support various HR functions, from time and attendance to employee wellness, recruitment, collaboration, and goal setting. The design is integrated, ensuring a location-aware user experience, while data analytics inform and make recommendations to users in real-time throughout the day. 

A Revolutionary Leap Forward 

The shift to digital HR represents a revolutionary leap forward, transcending incremental advancements. The differences between current HR service delivery models and digital HR are profound, as illustrated by the transition from transactional processes to an integrated HR platform, paper-based forms to digital design, and periodic reports to real-time interactive dashboards. 

Lessons from the Front Lines: Reliance Jio 

Reliance Jio, a 4G telecommunications and digital services giant, provides a case study in effective digital HR transformation. By adopting a mobile-first, cloud-first, digital-powered approach, Jio revolutionized its HR strategy and launch, emphasizing real-time apps, secure cloud-based services, and end-to-end digitization. The agile development approach allowed continuous learning and capability building in the new digital HR environment. 

Where Companies Can Start 

To embark on their digital HR journey, organizations should: 

  1. Challenge HR to start with a digital-first HR strategy.
  2. Embrace design thinking to prioritize employee needs and user experience.
  3. Leverage an agile approach for integrated team collaboration.
  4. Share digital strategies and experiences across the organization.
  5. Imagine HR and the employee experience in real-time.
  6. Integrate analytics and reporting as part of the digital platform.


Transform HR processes with policy management in SAP  

Innovapte products emerge as a key player in revolutionizing HR processes within the SAP ecosystem. The PolicyApt in SAP offered by Innovapte streamlines policy management, ensuring compliance and transparency. This apt integrates seamlessly with SAP, providing real-time updates and analytics on policy adherence. 

The PolicyApt policy and procedure management solution offers: 

  1. Mobile Accessibility: Access policies anytime, anywhere, using mobile devices.
  2. Real-time Updates: Stay informed with instant updates on policy changes.
  3. Analytics Integration: Harness the power of integrated analytics for insightful reporting.
  4. Compliance Assurance: Ensure adherence to policies with automated tracking and reminders.
  5. Seamless SAP Integration: The app seamlessly integrates with SAP, enhancing overall system efficiency.


As organizations navigate the digital transformation in HR within SAP, solutions like PolicyApt becomes instrumental in streamlining processes, ensuring compliance, and enhancing the overall employee experience. The revolutionary leap forward in digital HR requires a shift in mindset, embracing connectivity, real-time operations, platforms, automation, and a mobile-first approach. The success of this transformation lies in a collaborative effort between HR, IT, and solution providers, setting the stage for a new era of HR technology and design. 

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