Best-in-class functionality for data migration, Validation & Quality

DataVapte offers best in class functionality for data migration, Validation, quality and more. See how you can gain a trusted, ever-ready resource for bulk data handling, Complex business Data, and use it to streamline processes and maximize efficiency.



  1. Integrated, manual & Automated testing
  2. Zero Coding Test Automation Framework
  3. Able to do validation of Master data as well as Transactional data
  4. Can validate data of selected tabs of template 
  5. Email configuration with group combination
  6. Error management with different colour codes
  7. Handling of custom fields
  8. Conversion for Excel file into XML format 
  9. QARA API Testing
  10. Standard LTMC is used to upload data 


  1. Combine manual & automated testing seamlessly
  2. Reduced dependencies on programming knowledge with point & click recording
  3. Increased quality and reliability, reduced defects and faster time to market
  4.  Many persons can work on same template
  5. Increased flexibility to reach multiple target devices and browsers 
  6. Increased efficiency with validation error management with different colour codes
  7. Email approval with specific authorization group
  8. Faster realization of ROI
  9. Reduced (nearly 60%) manual regression and testing efforts
  10. Enhances SAP’s LTMC tool to provide bulk data upload with 100% accuracy 

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