Best in Class Data Migration App for SAP

DataVapte is an MS Office-based platform for business and technical users that enables data pre-validation and error correction functionality for the data handling process in SAP S/4HANA.


About DataVapte

DataVapte offers best-in-class functionality for data migration, validation, quality, and more. See how you can gain a trusted, ever-ready resource for bulk data handling, and complex business data, and use it to streamline processes and maximize efficiency.

LTMC Templates Validation

DataVapte validates templates that are used to transfer master data and transactional data from SAP or non-SAP systems, into SAP systems

Complex Data Structures Handling

DataVapte’s cutting-edge master records template engine handles most complex data structures with significantly reduced import data time

Simple & Efficient Data Upload

Using SAP’s standard LTMC tool, data can be validated and uploaded into the destination SAP system efficiently

No Programming Knowledge

DataVapte makes managing data easy. Data Validation takes place in MS Excel, so no programming knowledge is required

Smart Discrepancies Detection System

Our traffic light management system significantly reduces error handling time by automatically identifying discrepancies

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Optimize SAP data migration with DataVapte, reducing validation time by up to 60%

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Key Benefits

Master and transactional data validation
Integrated manual and automated testing
Zero Coding Test Automation Framework
Ability to validate selected tabs of the teamplate
Ability to use standard LTMC to upload data
MS Excel to XML file conversion
QARA API Testing
Color coded error handling system
Email configuration with group combination

Seeking enhanced SAP data accuracy?
Trust DataVapte’s validated precision


Latest Insights

Investigations revealed an alarming number of errors, with data accuracy estimated at a mere 30% compared to the 98-99% in the U.S. 

Target Canada’s experience underscores several key lessons for large-scale SAP data migration challenges:

  1. Realistic Timelines are Crucial
  2. Accuracy Over Speed
  3. Safety Nets are Necessary
  4. Clean Data Entry
  5.  Learning from Others

Increased Quality & Reliability

Advanced Email Approval Workflow

Reduced Regression Test Efforts

Combined Automated & Manual Testing